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to the Thibetan plateau are O. hodgsoni and O. naJiura. Corsica
has the Moufion, 0. musimon; and the Barbary Sheep or Ami,
O. tragelctplius, is found only in Northern Africa. Ovis liirrlid
and O. Uanfordi are Indian forms.

Ovis nahura is chiefly responsible for the impossibility of
strictly separating the Sheep and Goats. It has no suborbital
glands or lachrymal fossae, which are as a rule present in the

174.  Thar.     Capra j&mlaica.     x

(From. Mature.)

Sheep and absent from the Goats. On the other hand inter-
digital glands are present, which is the case with Sheep. Its
habits, too, are a "blending of those of the Sheep and the Goat.
It lives largely on undulating ground like Sheep, and frequently
lies down during the day on its feeding ground. On the other
hand it is, like the Goats, a splendid climber.
The Goats, genus Gapra, differ from the Sheep in their slighter
build and in the fact that t&e horns are, not spirally curved, but
airdbed over the back. There is also the characteristic beard,